The Most Useful Creative Tool for Graphic Design and Drawing. Develop sophisticated designs and graphics; communicate ideas easily using images, fonts, shapes and icons; or draw lines.

Use CREATE for productivity - add notes, arrows and text to photos and PDFs. Design graphics, mockups, logos, stickers, Snapchat geofilters, or vector art; organize layers and save projects.

CREATE is easy to use and packs advanced features including: import/export vectors, aligning/snapping, stretching, and photo layers.

Create has been designed from the ground up to be open and versatile, with a full-screen canvas to work in. Create is easy to use but also has many advanced features including vector exports, snapping, stretching, and photo layers; you can also save projects in the app to edit later.

Written using Objective-C language. Includes a lot of custom solution related to creating and editing graphics. Work with many graphics formats. An application that truly surprises and inspires.

Services used in the project:

CREATE enables:

  • Design with shapes and icons

  • Style text, edit typography

  • Add strokes and fills

  • Stretch, scale, and rotate

  • Align objects

  • Snap to grid

  • Duplicate and reorder layers

  • Set hex and RGB colors

  • Transform and mask photos

  • Add patterns and gradients

  • Set canvas size and grid spacing

  • Export bitmaps and vectors

  • Save projects, edit later

  • Share anywhere

  • Intuitive UI