Watch face for your Apple Watch

In watchOS 7 and later, all users can exchange customized watch face files. FastRecorder includes watch face complication which you can use to quick access to start recording, only by one tap.

We prepared a basic watch face for you to try so you can immediately check how it will look like and how it works.

Feel free to create your own watch faces and share them with us


FastRecorder - is an audio recorder application with advanced and simple features of recording voice memos, on-site sounds and everything around you. The main feature is that FastRecorder supported on Apple Watch and can be called directly from your customized clock face.

Written using Swift language. iOS app include 3D Touch support and widget to make quick audio notes, and ability to crop recorded audio. Apple Watch app support recording audio in background mode.

What they say:

FastRecorder was mentioned as one of the top applications for Apple Watch by MacLife UK