The first step is a careful analysis of the basis of the project. We study current market conditions and business expectations. In our opinion, the fundamental issue is to aptly define the needs of your users and customers' expectations.

Get a Detailed View
You can see a detailed and clear picture of how your application will look like and behave when its finally developed.
Accurate Project Estimates
Ability to identify and eliminate problem areas in the future solution early in the prototyping stage avoiding mistakes pile-up at the later full-fledged development stage and their costly fixes.
Concept Testing
A clickable prototype helps to test the idea of the project in focus groups before starting the most expensive parts of the work like coding and quality assurance. Interactive prototype makes it possible to clarify the technical specification before development.

Why Product Prototype with Sky-High?

Many times, a lot of brilliant ideas fail to raise funds or even interest from their prospective stakeholders. This is primarily because of the lack of an underlying prototype. Sky-High has an expedite prototyping service, where we can design a functional and/or a non-functional prototype (wireframes) for your application, according to your requirements. This prototype can help you double-check your idea implementation, and ultimately can also help you raise funds from your investors. Sky-High also provides rapid prototyping services for Startups, by helping them mold their ideas into incredible, fully interactive prototypes for Web, and mobile apps for the iOS and Android platform.



Initial Conversation

Schedule an introductory call with our team. Share the details of your app and get to know more about our process, relevant work, and team.

Product meeting

Meet with our product team to discuss the scope of the project. We will discuss strategy, pricing, and timelines so you can determine if we are a good fit for your needs.

Concept validation

Take your prototype and show it to friends, stakeholders, and investors. This gives you invaluable feedback for your concept without any commitment. Once you’re satisfied, you can reserve a spot in our build schedule.

Interactive prototype

Based on the feature set outline, our design team will put together a low-fidelity prototype. This will give you a good idea of how the app will eventually function, and you can decide if it meets your expectations.

Responsive Layout

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"Project prototyping is an act of creating the working model of the future product. This process is crucial both for the client and the team of developers."

We’ve observed enough product failures to realize that only human-centered approach to innovation matters.

Just like a smart builder creates a detailed set of blueprints before laying a single brick, our strategy and prototyping process enables us to dig deep, test new ideas, and gain stakeholder approval before investing in full implementation. We can create a clickable prototype for stakeholder feedback and user testing. Prototyping is available as part of a more massive project or as a standalone service.

Why Choosing us

Sky-High is very committed to helping its clients reach their business goals smoothly, by providing an innovative environment, and making a difference adding value to our clients' businesses.