We are driven by the desire to create great products. On time. To do so we have to go through every stage of the technological process. Through every nook and cranny in design, UX, QA and project management. We push to get your product running as quickly as possible and then it’s merely a matter of fine-tuning. This MVP can immediately begin generating you value, feedback, and advancement in the right direction, while we add more and more layers of functionality.

Technology today is more powerful and accessible than ever before. In the wake of technology growth, adaptation and innovation are vital parts of every company’s roadmap if they want to outpace their competition.

That’s where we come in. Sky-High is a team of disruptive technologists and creative innovators that are proud to serve as an award winning strategic partner to forward thinking organizations around the world. We are lateral thinkers who eagerly chase solutions to the big challenges that stretch our imaginations.

Our engagements foster long term partnerships that are as equally thoughtful as they are nimble. We marry the sensibilities of established enterprise brands with startup methodologies to nurture sustainable growth, drive innovation, and build products that users love.

It’s possible no industry is as affected by mobility as the technology industry itself. The world is creating more and more data every year. We’re creating data so quickly that approximately 90% of it was created within the last two years. Telecommunications companies, sensing an opportunity, are attempting to grab both consumer and business clients in order to be the ones who transport that data. Software companies are racing to revise their existing products to be mobile friendly. Hardware innovation is exploding as mobile devices become the norm in every industry, whether it’s wearable technology or connected devices within the Internet of Things.


We treat each project as a process with many steps along the way. At each of those steps we want and need your feedback, so you can expect us to keep the lines of communication very open. We promise to do all the heavy lifting, but we know our undertaking is important to you, and as a result, we expect to hear from you, and we will reach out to you, throughout the project. A solid, successful effort is always the result of a close, collaborative work.

We are humble

We never doubt your expertise in your sphere, just as we believe in our expertise in our own. The same way we want you to ask us lots of questions, we will honestly defer to you when we come across topics we do not understand. After all, we need each other to reach the best solution.


Ultimately, the best products are the ones that succeed in the long run. However wonderful a product might be, if no one uses it within the company or it remains unknown to potential clients, it’s nothing more than a waste of time, energy and resources. We place particular attention on marketing, promotion and user acquisitions from the very start of every project, ensuring that long-term success.

We ask a lot of questions

We only see ourselves as successful once you see yourselves that way. It’s why we ask so many questions and why we try to understand each nuance and intricacy of your ideas and the problems you face. We especially ask, “Why?” We don’t only want to know what we have to do. We want to know how each feature creates value for you and impacts your sales / internal processes / ROI. It’s not that we’re driven by a natural curiosity (though we have it), but our experience has taught us that this approach leads to the success that brings happy customers, referrals, new sales and growth to your business and ours.

Applications with over 1000% ROI

We build applications that have surpassed return on investment (ROI) expectations many times over. We do this by emphasizing process-driven efficiency and intelligent design from start to finish.


Our philosophy is to approach each project as a potential game-changer on the market. We guide our clients to success and challenge them until their good ideas are ready to become something awesome.

We’re visionaries, idealists, engineers, designers, and leaders. We’re not just coders, but people who you want to discuss your ideas with.

The essence of our company is a mix of technical skills, creative thinking, and human-centric approach.

We would love to hear from you...